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Escazu Properties: The Target For A Perfect Stay In Paradise

Escazu is the capital of Costa Rica and is known as one of the most striking cities around the globe. It is situated in Costa Ricas Central valley. Surrounded by regions of mountains and naturally green hills, it is an ideal tourist spot with several Escazu properties either for rent or for sale available for tourist, vacationers, or locals. Truly worthy to be called as The Beverly Hills of Costa Rica as real estate properties and stores flood the city which make it more and more attractive for expats. Escazu is where everyone would want to be.

What makes Escazu real estate worth the grab is how it has been situated almost near to everything. It is located 7 kilometers west of downtown San Jose. Highways can bring you to most of the popular hangout destinations like movie theatre, country club, bowling alley and car wash. If one gets interested to try out delicacies and go for food hopping, there are available restaurants coupled with a fun nightlife. For those who want to shop for themselves and for their loved ones, shopping malls such as Multi Plaza are a drive away. Grocery stores, pharmacies and banks are also accessible for ones needs. Well-known franchises have also invaded.

The high standard of living goes beyond because of the advanced technologies. There is a high-speed internet connection. One can spend the entire day with cable television. And communication becomes more possible with 3G cellular phone coverage. Even the CIMA hospital has a state-of-the-art technology that efficiently aids for illnesses and check-ups.

A proof of development is how expats have built a community within the city. Some expats would say that they fell in love with the safety, atmosphere and accessibility of things. Because of this diversity, the presence of multicultural living has invaded the shops, restaurants, schools and other businesses. In fact, employees and embassies have been permanent residents. Organizations have merged also: Womens Club, Newcomers Club, Theatre Group, etc. And these foreigners have further enjoyed their stay as they always get to have the chance to meet other nationalities through recreational centers or pools. The neighborhood is indeed great and it is up to ones choice on which neighborhood suits his needs and which one is reachable with his level of income. Escazu real estate makes it possible for a more diverse yet interactive community.

Escazu properties have clearly contributed to the growth of the city as well as the businesses and the natural view surrounding it. This is really a good opportunity for those who are finding a perfect place for vacation or for stay.

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