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How to Love Again After Divorce - Let True Love Find You

How do you love again after divorce?Is it even possible?Do you feel bruised and lacking in that essential belief in true love?We are glad we found you and that you found us!Feel your hope renewed in the lines you are about to read.
We will also give you tried and true ways to be ready for love to find you.
First of all, know this, divorce is a gift.
Not one to be overused in any way, but certainly a way out of a situation that was not working.
We are so blest: think of all those who had to suffer in silence.
Life is meant to be lived at optimum.
If you weren't doing that, you got out of your marriage.
It is done.
You have been told many times by all your gurus to move on.
How do you do that? 1.
Don't listen to Rihanna!Or Adele, for that matter!Tina was a divorced woman who would burst into tears every time she listened to these two artists.
The thing is this: there are no coincidences in life and we invite everything and everyone to us.
So no matter what someone did to us, we played a role.
Once we acknowledge that, we will not compose a song about it and infect the whole Universe and kill everyone else's belief in love as well!Your ears are not garbage dumps: choose what you listen to.
Find some upbeat hopeful songs like "I Need You" by Marc Anthony, yes, make sure they are by a male singer to up the effect! 2.
Write everything down.
When old emotions come up, write them.
Then burn the paper and say I am rid of this.
Don't revisit that place again.
(Do this close to a sink: we are not suggesting starting a fire of any sort!) 3.
Forgive everyone involved, including you.
If you don't do this, you will draw more such experiences to you.
Last thing you want, right? 4.
Expect the best.
That is what you deserve.
If you wish to.
Siggy Flicker, leading matchmaker, swears that if you go on 2 dates a week, you will be engaged in six months.
Focus on you.
Take care of your children if any.
But don't sacrifice your life for anyone.
No-one else will do it for you.
You don't want to find yourself alone someday.
Besides, you are no use to anyone if you are sad and lonely.
Look and feel your best.
Do what it takes.
Work out, get therapy, get a makeover, get rid of remnants and relics, you know what you need better than we do.
The way to find love after divorce is to heal fully, be new, and let love find you.
You will be surprised by the magic that life still holds, and you will feel your strength and your youth renewed.

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