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The Importance Of Mentors For Affiliate Marketers

Internet affiliate marketing can be very rewarding financially. With the growth of the
internet opportunities with expand greatly in the next few years.

More and more companies and merchants will become frustrated with newspaper, yellow pages,
letterbox, radio and tv campaigns. And will turn to highly targeted internet advertising
on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

And most of these companies/organisation just will not have the skills to develop an
effective online campaign.

Which is what you can take advantage of.

You maybe tempted to quit your job right now thinking its all to easy and decide to start
an online business working from home.

Even if you are making a reasonable part time income online, it is extremely important
that you have a plan and strategy in place.

It can be extremely lonely working from home on your own. Do you have a mentor who you can turn
to if you get stuck on a technical issue or struggling for motivation?

I was a struggling internet marketer until I met one of my mentors, Nikhil Parekh. Who became my coach.

Instead of wasting $1000's on silly newbie mistakes, he was able to make simple corrections
to make my campaigns profitable.

By just understanding the simple concept of one keyword per addgroup for A Google PPC
campaign. And having that keyword in my headline and add copy. I was able to get
quality scores of between 8-10/10 immediately. Thus saving me from the dreaded google slap.

The problem with most E-books and internet marketing programmes you purchase online is that
you are expected to figure it out your self, with little or if any interaction with the
person selling the product.

And if you cant figure it out, you will just become more and more frustrated and give up!

So start educating yourself. Get a mentor and learn. Visit forums like Warrior and chat to other internet marketers.

Their are massive opportunities online right now for individuals who are prepared to take the next step and get educated. You can listen to a free audio at []

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