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Noida Townships - Offering Everything

After gaining the reputation of being the IT hub of the country Noida is turning into a hub of real estate industry as well, with its excellent townships and housing projects; the town has become one of the leading property destinations of the country. With the cramming spaces in Delhi and comparatively easy and affordable availability of property, has transformed this city; which was almost barren two decades ago.

But today the times have changed; the city houses some of the nation's best real estate projects that are developed considering the need of closeness with nature. It has grabbed the instant attention of investors and buyers alike and today it holds some of the most luxurious housing projects at affordable prices. Most of the projects comprise of luxury amenities like shopping malls, entertainment centres, swimming pools, parks, gyms, community halls, sports clubs etc. and they ensure close vicinity of these to the residential niches; one of such projects is the Wave City Centre, which includes Wave Entertainment centres like malls and multiplexes apart from all other state of the art facilities.

These townships are constructed with sturdy infrastructure and specially engineered framework to withstand earthquakes and seismic activities as Noida region lie under the Zone 4 of tectonic activity. The plans also include ATM's, Commercial Centres, Health Care Facilities and educational institutes in close vicinity. Moreover, the constructions are done in accordance to the Vastu Shastra so as to ensure happiness and well-being of its residents. These projects are situated on premiere locations and are well connected to Delhi and bordering cities through metro and local conveyance. They even have arrangements for 24 hours uninterrupted power supply, constant water supply and in-house water treatment plants to provide the residents with potable water. Thus these townships such as Wave City Centre, Spring Meadow, Eco Village etc. are planned specifically to provide posh and luxurious lifestyle, with all the comforts within few yards.

These development trends are spreading further in Ghaziabad as well, which is the upcoming substitute capital, closely following Noida; the Wave City Ghaziabad is one of the few examples of similar townships being developed in this region.

Some of the other promising features included in these projects are digital security systems, along with 24x7 manual securities. All the visitors will be verified and identified at the entrance and outside vendors and unknown people will not be allowed. Such security measures further enhance the perfect living module formulated by these projects. Thus these projects are safe, secure, comfortable stylish luxurious and much more, providing a complete experience to its inmates.

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