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Alcoholism Statistics

The facts on alcoholism are hard to believe, but we cannot afford to turn a blind eye on this.
Addiction to alcohol is a worldwide problem that is now calling for attention and professional help.
So big is the problem such that about $40 to $60 billion is spent every year due to alcohol addiction problems.
Alcoholism statistics on drunk driving, family break ups and teenager crimes related to alcohol are on the increase.
Statistics show that drunken driving is among the top most cases of accidents on the roads, especially by young people that are between 21-24 years of age.
It is estimated that in every 30 minutes, an alcohol related accident takes place on the highways in the United States of America.
More surprisingly, 3 out of 10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol related accident.
Drunken driving has led to 10% property damages, 21% non fatal injuries and 46% fatal injuries.
More shocking alcoholism statistics show that families are more affected by addiction to this toxic drink.
Over 76 million people have at one time or another been addicts, and approximately 6.
6 children have at least one parent who is an addict.
Young people, especially teens between the ages of 14 and 17 are becoming hooked into the problem with each passing day.
This is not all.
Suicide cases are resulting from alcohol related complications are estimated to range at one thirds of deaths from suicide.
Frustration is considered to be the driving factor to suicide.
Men are more addicted than women.
In every one female addict there are three male ones.
However, for both sexes, addiction is seen to set in at the ages between 18 to 29.
Out of the total population of Americans, 8 million are alcohol addicts.

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