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Math For Kids Abacus Lessons Always Ready Everyday By Private Tutors Solving Problems With Cool Game

Carrying on with the next step in one of the many step by step procedures that adults, parents and teachers at the two Math Genie schools in New Jersey in the USA can use to teach children how to use a abacus when learning math. Step five. Add numbers by sliding more beads up or down. For example, if you want to add the number three to one thousand two hundred and fifty four you would start with the row where you have entered the number four. Since you do not have three single beads left to add, you add one which turns four into five. To show this, you slide the four beads back to their original position and slide the single five beads down. Then slide two beads back up. You have just added four plus three to make seven.

Step six. Move down the rows adding numbers. If a number becomes greater than ten, you move on to the next row. For example, if you add seven to one thousand two hundred and fifty four you would start with the four. Slide the four beads back down and slide the five beads down. Then push 4 beads back up. This gives you nine and you have used all your beads, but you have only added four plus five. You still need two more to make four plus seven. These two get added to the next row to the left. If this row adds up to be more than nine, you add what's left over onto the next row. Step seven. Continue moving across the rows until you have finished adding. To subtract, you follow the same procedure as addition, only moving from left to right instead of right to left.

Some interesting facts on the origins and history of the abacus reveal that an abacus was first used in the year two thousand four hundred BC by the Babylonians and was made from sand and pebbles. It is also known that in the first century in China and in India, an abacus with beads was recorded as being used. India also had the use of the abacus at this time. Sometime in the three thousand years between those two times the abacus was first used with beads. This was perhaps in Mesopotamia or Ancient Egypt. It is estimated to have been in Rome or in Greece at around the year three hundred BC.

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