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Guidelines to Writing the Perfect Online Personals for Dating

Did you know that sex has been proved to be an instant cure for mild depression? The endorphins released into the blood stream during the act, produce a sense of euphoria and give a feeling of well being. It is important to share an excellent chemistry with your partner for this experience.

A lot of people all over the world resort to the internet to find that ideal partner, with whom they can find peace. Online personals dating sites are one such avenue for finding someone. The sites work like the classifieds sections of newspapers. One puts a personal advertisement there, or finds an advertisement and responds to it. But how do you know if the online personals for dating that you put up will get the right response from the right people?

Four Golden Rules of Writing Online Personals for Dating

Online personals for dating have four aspects to them, the heading, your description, what you're looking for and a picture. Getting these four sections just right is very important.

* Heading: Your online personals should start with a heading. Get the heading right and half your job is done. If you are a woman, you need to be careful that the heading is worded in a way that does not come across as purely sexual or with any double meaning. As a man, you need to consider that presenting a tough macho, playboy image is not the most ideal way to attract women.

* Describing yourself: This is a very important part of your online personals for dating. The way you describe yourself will make all the difference. It is essential to be as honest as you can. The key is to not oversell your self. People only want to know what kind of person you are.

* What you are looking for: Now this part is not really very important, but it is something that will decide whether the right people respond to your online personals for dating. Be realistic in your expectations, so that when someone reads it they can relate to it. Describing a dream figure is not the way to go about it.

* Picture: A picture is more than a thousand words. It is advisable to post a recent picture, and ideally the most natural one of yourself. Consider how you will feel when you finally meet a person and they look nothing like the image you have in your head because of their picture.

Follow these guidelines while making your online personals for dating, and rest assured that the right responses will pour in.

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